BrazzCare launches a brand new website

BrazzCare launches a brand new website

BrazzCare has a new face on the web. We present a renewed, optimized and user-friendly website, with new features and a more intuitive navigation, without ever forgetting the aesthetics and good taste that we have always used to.

This new website represents our will to step forward in the constant improvement of our communication with nail care professionals, aesthetic retailers, distributors and general visitors.

From now on, you can access all BrazzCare features in one place, articles in blog format twice a month and a brand new interactive tool which is the "purple chat", where you can ask any kind of question about our products, help while having difficulties when executing certain actions or bugs.

With the aim of consolidating our online presence, the new website is fully integrated with social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Linked In, allowing us to update and inform you about news, promotions and inbound content about Cosmetics and Nail Care.

You can contact us through the Contacts tab, shop our products or even subscribe to our newsletters.

See you around!

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